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The famous island of Patmos is widely known as the Island of Revelation. Its traditions, and its magnificent beaches hidden into small picturesque bays really bewitch every visitor.
The traditional festivals of Patmos attract every year many tourists from all over Greece and abroad. The most important among them is the one celebrating the Assumption Day.
Its timeless traditions are harmoniously combined with a great range of modern festivals such as the International Film Festival of Patmos and the Festival of Sacred Musical that attract more and more young people year by year.

When you visit Patmos do not miss out to visit the Cave of Revelation, the monastery of Saint John the Theologian and the picturesque villages of the island.

Last but not least, the nightlife of Patmos is really vivid, you should definitely go out to one of the many bars or clubs and live what is described as a Greek night!

Towns & Villages of Patmos

The City of Patmos (Chora)
The City of Patmos (Chora)Chora, which is the capital of the island, dates back to the 15th century. It was built 50 years after the Monastery was founded in order to protect its community from the pirates. Chora thanks to its history and architecture is a pole of attraction for many greek and international celebrities who spend here their summer and Easter holiday.
Its whitewashed little houses create an environment of genuine charm while you can also find very nice stores,cafes, bars and restaurants ensuring that way an enjoyable stay.
There is a donkey track going from Skala to Chora. It starts about 1 km from the port and it takes about 20-30 minutes walk, which can be a bit tiring on a hot summer day. A good idea would be to take a bus up to Chora.

SkalaSkala, in the centre of Patmos , is the main port and it’s the most thickly populated place of the island. It counts 1415 permanent inhabitants and has a selection of supermarkets, gift shops and restaurants. Actually, visitors can find anything they wish to in its modern shops. Everyday life as well as nightlife in this place provides you as many choices as one desires.
In Skala you can see many buildings with architecture influenced by Venetians as the island used to be under their rule. There’s also a boat marine for yachts and sailing boats.

The Village of KambosA picturesque village about 11 km from Chora. Entering the village you can see its picturesque square with the beautiful church of Annunciation, the school and a local restaurant. In Lower Kambos (the other half of the village) there’s one of the most beautiful beaches of the island full of trees and surrounded with little white houses.

GrikosGrikos is a beautiful fishing village and also remarkably organized .It is about 5 km from Skala port and it’s built in a small bay, providing all conveniences but it is quieter than most towns around the island and that is why many visitors prefer to stay there.

The Beaches of Patmos

One of the most important reasons to visit Patmos is its beaches. The little bays that cover the biggest part of the island create a great variety of natural sceneries and coasts that will please every visitor.

The Beach of KambosThe most popular beach on the island! It’s covered with golden sand and you can find sun beds umbrellas and water sports facilities. Its shallow waters make it safe for the children.

The Beach at AgriolivadiYou can find this magnificent beach about 2 km north from Skala Its sand and small pebbles that cover the beach, as well as its green scenery make Agriolivadi a place of unique beauty.

The Beach of GrikosIt’s the largest beach of the island. Fully organized, ideal for families and carefree moments.

This is the beach right next to the port of Patmos. Skala is a sandy beach with shallow clear water, but it can get overcrowded during high season.

Psili Ammos
Psili Ammos BeachThis beach is not easily accessible but it does worth the trouble visiting it. The beach is divided in half (unofficially), at a certain distance from the beach tavern is the nudists half.

The Beach in MeloiThis beach is the closest one to the port of Skala. Its golden sand and crystal blue waters in combination with the neighbouring camping site make it a popular destination for young people.

Livadi Geranou
The Beach at Livadi GeranouThe bay of Livadi Geranou it will definitely remind the visitor of the Scandinavian fjords. Its untamed vegetation offers the visitor shadow and pleasure.

Beaches of Liginou
Beaches of LiginouThese beaches, even though they are not exactly the same size, are a real adornment for tourists, a beautiful landscape formed by two headlands. These twin beaches are also referred to as the beaches of Liginou.

The Beach in LambiA pebble beach in the north of Patmos. The word Lambi means shining and is derived from the sun reflecting the colorful pebbles and crystal clear waters of the bay.
Lambi can be reached from Kambos beach, walking takes about 25 minutes or by boat from Skala, if the winds are not too strong. A pleasant place for lunch or dinner on the beach with tavernas serving delicious food in a peaceful atmosphere.

Places Worth Visiting in Patmos

The Monastery of Saint John
The Monastery of Saint JohnThe foundation of the monastery meant the « erection » of a cultural – religious center, which today constitutes a touchstone of the Orthodoxy. During Arab occupation, Patmos was almost a deserted island. A well educated monk, Christodoulos ("slave of Christ" in Greek) in 1088 asked and got the permission from the Byzantine Emperor Alexios I Komnenos to raise the monastery in the name of John the Theologian.
Built on the top of the mountain, where Chora now lays, the monastery dominates not only Chora but the whole island. Archaeological discoveries indicate that it was built on a site of an ancient temple of Artemis.
The fact that the monastery can be seen from anywhere on the island is really interesting, as much as the very important library that was founded by Holy Christodoulos and houses many historical scripts and manuscripts.

The Cave of Revelation
The Cave of RevelationAccording to the Christian tradition, the rock into this cave cracked into three small crevices- symbol of the Holy Trinity- and through them the voice of God was heard dictating to Saint John the text of the Revelation. Nowadays the cave is located into a church that was built by the founder of Monastery of Patmos, Holy Christodoulos himself.

Zoodohos Pigi
The Monastery of Zoodohos PigiA monastery that is established in Chora and inside there are two churches, the one of Zoodohou Pigi and the other of Saint John the Theologian. The religious icons of the churches that date back between the 16th and 18th century and the courtyards full of flourishing flowers make it a place worth visiting.

Local Events Diary

Festival of Sacred Music of Patmos

Organized By : Municipal Cultural Center of Patmos
Duration of Events : 29 to 30 August 2014
General Information : The 14th Festival of Sacred Music of Patmos is financially supported by the Municipality of Patmos, the Patriarchal Exarchate of Patmos, the South Aegean Region Section Culture Dodecanese, the General Secretariat of Aegean and Island Policy of the Ministry of Marine and Aegean Sea, and placed under the aegis of the Ministry of Culture and Sport and the Ministry of Tourism.
For even more information and for the schedule of events, please visit


International Film Festival of Patmos

Organized By : International Film Festival of Patmos
Duration of Event : 24 to 30 July 2014
General Information : As explained in a recent interview the screenwriter, director and head of the competition, Agathe Darlasi, "This initiative is an optimistic answer of the current difficult period experienced by society, and filmmakers in particular. This is why the theme is : NEW START".
For the program and dates for submission of applications, please visit


Easter in Patmos

Easter in Patmos is really special, the island of Apocalypse sinks into deep and reverent sense of peace and tranquility through the religious and moral traditions and reborn with the Resurrection of Jesus. The re-enactment of the passions of Christ is one of the most credible and beautiful in the whole country.


15 of August – Mary’s Assumption

Greek traditional festivities (Panigiri) to celebrate Holy Mary’s Assumption


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[accordionslide title="General Telephone Numbers"] Area Code : 22470
Police Station : 31303
Municipality of Patmos : (Area Code) 31235
Municipality of Lipsi : (Area Code) 41209
Agathonisi Community : (Area Code) 29009
Municipal Visitors Service Office : (Area Code) 31666
Health Center : (Area Code) 31211 or 32669
Port Authority : (Area Code) 31231
Post Office : (Area Code) 31316
Taxi Station : (Area Code) 31225
H.M. of Saint John : (Area Code) 31223
H.M. of Zoodohou Pigis : (Area Code) 31991
H.M. of the Annuciation : (Area Code) 31276
Sacred Cave of the Apocalypse : (Area Code) 31234
Custom Office : (Area Code) 31312
Club Rooms & Apartments : (Area Code) 31541
Hotel Association of Patmos : (Area Code) 31201 [/accordionslide]
[accordionslide title="Banks & Public Organizations"] Area Code : 22470
National Bank Of Greece : (Area Code) 34040
Commercial Bank (Emporiki Bank) : (Area Code) 34140
Public Power Corporation (D.E.H) : (Area Code) 31562
Hellenic Telecommunications Organization (O.T.E) : (Area Code) 31399
Social Security Organisation (I.K.A) : (Area Code) 31796 [/accordionslide]
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[accordionslide title="Rent a Car / Motorbike"]Patmos is ideal for renting a car or a motorbike. Please note that local authorities are very strict concerning the use of helmets while riding a motorbike. [/accordionslide]